⭐️Friday Fun⭐️Tell us what you love about Faith Lutheran School in 3️⃣ words. #faithbaycity
11 months ago, Sheila Wazny
what do you love about Faith
God is...omniscience (all-knowing), omnipotence (all-powerful), omnibenevolence (supremely good). He is WITH you, FOR you, and LOVES you more than you can imagine! Speak it aloud...believe it! 🙌 #WithGodAllThingsArePossible #believeit #JesusLovesYou
11 months ago, Sheila Wazny
Matthew 19:26
Every year on March 17, millions of people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades, parties, and the color green. But who was the man who inspired these traditions and why do we still celebrate him today? https://answersingenesis.org/holidays/who-was-st-patrick/
11 months ago, Sheila Wazny
Trinity Clover
We have openings in our classes for the 22/23 school year. We offer Preschool and Young 5s-8th grade. Contact us for more information. #faithbaycity #christianschool #preschool #young5s #gradeschool #middleschool
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Enroll now
We offer small class sizes, rigorous curriculum, Christian values taught....and much more. Enroll today! Space limited #faithbaycity #baycitymi #christianschool
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Enrollment image
Thanks for making Spanish fun Señorita Collings! ‼️Escape the City - Escape Room ‼️ 6th grade is in the process of escaping a city by solving various puzzles in Spanish. In order to escape, students must be able to: ⭐️identify different locations in a city ⭐️describe where a specific location is in the city ⭐️give directions from one location to another, with the use of a map 💯 all in Spanish! 🗺📍🇪🇸 These students are very close to solving the very last puzzle and “escaping”‼️ 🎉⭐️The energy and determination this class shared in their groups was so great to experience - while using some 🔥great Spanish 🔥! ⭐️🎉🙌🏻⭐️🙌🏻
11 months ago, Sheila Wazny
Spanish Class 1
Spanish Class 2
Spanish Class 3
Two days left for collections to Help Families & Children from Ukraine - Orphan Grain Train. All items must be brought in by Wednesday, March 16th. We have received many items but we know the need is GREAT so keep those items coming! ESSENTIAL NEEDS: Diapers, Powdered formula, New socks, New underwear, Powdered detergent, Hygiene items such as sanitary products, toothbrushes, adult diapers, towels and washcloths, bar soap, and combs. Quilts and blankets also. Financial gifts are also deeply appreciated. (No toothpaste or items with expiration dates please.).
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We would love you to join the Faith family! Enroll today #faithbaycity
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Enrollment now open
Spring forward! ⏰ #daylightsaving
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Spring forward, daylight savings
Enrollment is now open for 22/23 school year. Space is limited, act fast!
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Admission Now Open
We are now accepting students for 22/23 school year. Contact us to enroll! #faithbaycity #christianschool #preschool #gradeschool #middleschool
11 months ago, Sheila Wazny
Faith Lutheran School Offers
Have you joined us on @RightNow Media Its a FREE resource for the whole family to grow their faith in Jesus. Join us 👇https://app.rightnowmedia.org/join/FaithLutheranSchool
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RightNow Media
March is reading month. Tomorrow dress up as your favorite book character! #readingmonth
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Book Character Day
Take a moment and help us out. We are in the process of evaluating our Scrip gift card inventory and need your help. Please take this 3-minute survey to help us know what gift cards you love and/or are interested in purchasing. Follow this link >>https://forms.gle/cffA6atTV9HaKSaj9<< We appreciate your help!
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Shop With Scrip
We had a blast during Christmas pajama day!
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Have you heard? We have a new FREE resource for all Faith Lutheran Families. @RightNow Media is a wonderful platform for kids, students, and adults to grow their faith. Follow this link to join the FREE Resource https://app.rightnowmedia.org/join/FaithLutheranSchool
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Free resource RightNow Media
Join us at 6:30 on December 15th as Preschool - Kindergarten present the Advent service!
about 1 year ago, Jason Harris
Nativity scene illustration by John Dillon.