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Policy Updates for the Board of Education

We pray that you have had a chance to relax over this summer and have made some wonderful memories with your family and friends! This is to provide you with some information on the policy update and a policy we are reinstating as well as a great way to live out our theme for the following school year - PRAY ON IT. PRAY OVER IT. PRAY THROUGH IT. 

Lindsay Mueller

Board of Education Chairman




At Faith, clothing should be worn in the manner that glorifies God. Student clothing should not be oversized, tight fitting, see-through, or provocative. Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside the school building. School dress code applies to all school events, whether during the school day, evening, or weekend.


    • Pants should not be ripped and/or have holes.

    • Pants should rest at or slightly below the natural waistline. 

    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses are permissible providing the hem is at least fingertip length. (Fingertip length means when arms are at the side naturally, the hem is at or near the length of the longest finger.) 

  • Yoga pants and leggings are permissible if worn underneath a skirt, dress, or 

tunic that meets the appropriate length guidelines listed above.

If they do not meet the guidelines, a phone call will be made to parents to bring extra clothes.

  • Flannel pants, pajama pants, lounge pants, or spandex are not allowed unless 

a special designation is made for dress-up days.  

  • Shorts may not be worn between October 31 and March 31st.  

  • Between the months of October 31 and March 31st, skirts/dresses may be worn with tights or leggings. If unforeseen warm weather occurs during this time period, the principal may allow otherwise.


  • Shirts/tops cannot have offensive, suggestive, demeaning, violent, racist, sexist,

anti-Christian slogans, alcohol and tobacco ads  or pictures on them. are not 


  • Shirts with music groups/artists that are contrary to Christian beliefs should be refrained from as well.

  • Sleeveless shirts must abide by the adult 3 finger rule. 

  • Undergarments should not be showing anywhere.

  • SHOES: 

  • Shoes are to be worn at all times. For health and safety reasons, shoes must 

be tied or Velcroed to the foot, or sandals must have a heel strap. 

  • Shoes that present a safety hazard are not permissible. 

  • NO open-backed shoes. 

  • For PE class, the students must wear athletic footwear, again which is tied to the foot. 

  • Cleats may not be worn inside.

  • HAIR: 

  • Hair and hairstyles should be clean and neat at all times. The style or length of the hair should not interfere with the child’s vision or be a distraction to the child’s learning.

  • Hair that displays an extreme style and/or dyed in any unusual

manner/color is not permissible.


  • For safety reasons, excessively long or large hoop earrings are not allowed. 

  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings or nail polish. 

  • Body piercing other than ears is not permitted. 

  • Temporary or permanent tattoos are not permissible. 

  • Girls in grades 6–8 will be allowed to wear makeup, but it should be applied modestly and in good taste. Girls will be asked to remove any excess makeup. 

  • No make-up is to be worn by girls in kindergarten through grade 5.


  • Kindergarten through grade 5 students go outside for daily recess. Hats, gloves, boots, and snow pants are required during lunch recess. These must be removed before entering the room. Children who do not have a hat and gloves will not be allowed to participate in outdoor activities.


  • It is important that each child take care of his or her personal hygiene on a daily basis. If cleanliness is not taking place, it can disrupt the learning in the classroom and will be addressed.

If a student does not meet the above appearance guidelines, a phone call will be made to parents to bring extra clothes. The student will call the parent to have appropriate clothing brought to the school. The student will stay in the office until the appropriate clothing arrives. In all matters regarding dress and overall appearance, the school reserves the right to counsel, reprimand, suspend, and/or even dismiss a student if the student continually does not comply with the school’s dress code. The School Administrator, representing the Board of Christian Education, retains the right to declare clothing unsuitable for school wear. We ask that parents/guardians observe what their child is wearing prior to leaving home in the morning and help us in enforcing this policy.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Education had temporarily relaxed the church attendance requirement for those families receiving the membership tuition rate. Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, the Board of Education has moved to REINSTATE this policy. The policy, as outlined in our handbook, is printed below for your reference. 


As of June 2018 Faith Lutheran Bylaws require members to attend Faith Lutheran Church services a minimum of 12 times per year to maintain active membership status.  Due to the fact that our church contributes at a minimum 47%  of the total tuition cost for families who are members at Faith, the Board of Education has an attendance requirement of 18 out of 65 offered services at Faith Lutheran from the first Sunday after the first day of the year through the first day of the next year to be granted the Faith Member tuition rate. If a family does not meet these worship attendance requirements by the first day of school, they will be charged the community member rate for the next school year.  Attendance will be maintained using the church attendance binders, in the pews and/or Simple Church Electronic sign in on the church tablets. You can contact the office at any time to receive an attendance report.

The Board of Christian Education urges all parents of children attending Faith Lutheran School to review the financial support they are providing for our Church and School. We, the Board of Christian Education, feel it is the responsibility of all members of Faith to provide the moral and financial support required to maintain the programs operated by our church. The School is just one of these programs. However, we also feel that parents whose children attend Faith Lutheran School have an additional responsibility. It is a parental duty to provide financial support for the Christian education children receive at Faith Lutheran School. To that end,  parents are encouraged to consider the idea of “percentage giving” or a “tithe” (10%) as they set aside a portion of the income God has provided them to use in his ministry. 

If you have any questions on these policies, please contact Board Chairman Lindsay Mueller at lmueller@faithbaycity.org